frequently Q & A


How to get CasaBlanca Ecovillas?

Casablanca is a district located close to Km 131 of Panamericana Sur, just in front of Cerro Azul district.

To get to CasaBlanca Ecovillas condominium, at the Km 131 of Panamericana Sur take exit S-131 CERRO AZUL. Before reaching the arches take the first turning on the left, pass below the bridge and continue straight for 2 minutes approximately until the first waterway, cross it and immediately take the first turning on the right until the a second waterway and take the first turning on the left until the cowshed, take the first turning on the left, in few meters you will find CasaBlanca Ecovillas.


How is the weather?

It has a dry and warm microclimate because it is part of a big valley.


The first phase of the condominium has already been finished and delivered to the owners.


Are there Internal Rules and Regulation document for the architectural design of the house?
Yes, we do have that document, where all points concerning usage, height, finished, materials, etc. are already indicated.

Is there a typical standard design for the houses?
We have a typical standard design for a house done by an architects firm (De Col Arquitectos & Alma Arquitectura y Construccion). The designs are available for those willing to take that design option, which are pre-approved in accordance with Regulation.

Otherwise, if you want to hire another firm of architects, the plans must have the approval according the internal regulation


The water will be obtained from an underground well?
Yes, the water will be obtained from an underground well.
Does each owner shall drill his own well or there will be one for common use for a certain number of lots?
The water supply for the condominium is already done by a well built by Gramaverde and will supply water to each house.
Does each owner must have its own digester for treatment and reuse of gray areas or it will be common use?
Yes, every house contracts its own wastewater treatment plant (septic tank). It is specified in the Internal Regulation document.
Do you have a study that indicates the quality of water from wells and the depth at which the water table depending on the topography is and the depth to which must infiltrate the sewage?
Yes, there are studies where it is shown the good quality of water. This information may be shared with the concerned people. No black or gray water will infiltrate directly into the ground, each owner will make a WWTP-domestic (septic tank), as regulated in the RIC.
Do you have a soil study?
Each owner must make his own soil study for the time he decides to build, as well as the topographical map.
Each plot of land will have its own energy meter?
Each plot of land has a counter for its consumption in Kw, and this will indicate the amount to be paid to the administration of the condominium, as the central energy meter will be in the administrative area.


What common areas has the project?
It is already built picnic terrace with clay ovens, grills, and social area, still to distill pisco, pool, lagoon and playgrounds for children. Besides sports areas with tennis courts and foosball. The condominium also has a large greenhouse of organic production, where families can plant and harvest their vegetables for consumption and healthy eating. In addition children can have an active participation and have a work experience of planting, harvesting and approach to country life

It also has horse stables, as the valley has beautiful scenery for horseback riding.
Are there parking spaces for visitors?
Yes, the condominium has free spaces for visitors and also each house will have room to park cars within its plot of land (as defined in the internal regulation document).
Is it possible to bring pets?
Yes, pets are allowed according the internal regulation of the condominium.
That is dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. (See regulation for more details).
How is the division between each plot of land?
The plots are divided by hedgerows. These will have a height of approximately 1.8 m from plot to plot. Towards the front wall has been considered a height of 1.5 m.
How are the green areas?
The condominium has been delivered with common areas planted with grass and elaborated according landscaping design criteria. This design has been developed by the company Ecojardines.
How is the security?
There is permanent surveillance - 24 hours a day - and the entrance and exit to the condominium is controlled (See regulation). The entire condominium is fenced to a height of 3 meters, to ensure safety.
How close to the condominium is located the nearby villages?
Cerro Azul is located at 5 minutes from the condominium, where you can find a well-stocked market, a port to buy fresh fish, drugstores, on the way to the beach and good waves. Just 10 minutes away from Cañete and 20 minutes from the Boulevard of Asia.